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The New York City Municipal Archives' "Bodies in Transit" collection documents the movement of corpses through New York City between 1859 and 1894. Little is known about the ledger itself, which was obtained from the Department of Health and whose creation was the result of laws mandating records of transported bodies (in part in order to track and prevent the spread of disease). In order to provide useful deliverables, the team identified historical context for the ledgers; produced digital files for the first volume of the documents; transcribed the ledgers from the digital files; produced a user interface to house visualizations; and suggested guidelines and analytical frameworks for future project teams. View original data management plan here.

Project Team

The team consists of Rubi Mora, Shannon McDonald, Victoria Harty, and Grace Afsari-Mamagani, with additional support from Professor Wolf and Rob Koehler. All group members were responsible for conducting research and transcribing data into a usable format. View team progress reports here.

Final Schema

Final Project Summary

View here.